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Quality Assurance Specifications (QAS) have become the backbone of technical assurance in the Food Manufacturing Industry. The majority of food manufacturers now use these specifications to check the quality of the products they produce; in real time. Over time these specifications have taken on a standard format throughout the industry. However, using QAS documents creates a set of problems.

Document Control

Changes in QAS Specifications require that an employee goes round all areas where QAS Documents are held and update files with new copies. This inevitably leads to mistakes. eliminates this problem through the use of a central document control system.

Foreign Body Contamination

Taste Panel rooms inevitably become a mess of paperwork and folders increasing the likelyhood of foreign body contamination of products and presenting customers with a cluttered taste panel room. removes the need for paperwork leaving an uncluttered panelling area.


Taste Paneling produces large amounts of data. Reporting can become a cottage industry within your business. provides automated reporting by email as well as advanced reporting and analysis tools. Saving time and money and allowing you to answer customer queries in minutes not days.

Data Access

Gaining access to QAS Documents and Taste Panel Data whilst with customers or in the field is often problematic. is fully cloud based. You can securely access your Reporting /Analysis tools/QAS Documents from anywhere you have an internet connection. has been specifically designed by Food Industry Professionals to fit the needs of all sizes of business whilst keeping costs to a minimum.
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